Ten of the Best with Charlie Rowan

What’s your game day routine?

I eat bang on at 12 o’clock. It cannot be a minute earlier or later. I used to have pasta but now it’s beans on toast, ever since the club introduced it as a pre-match meal. I’ll then have a massage from the physio, before I relax and listen to music.

Then, when I get ready, I will always put my right sock and boot on first. That’s a superstition I’ve had for my whole career.

Where can you see yourself in five years ?

Hopefully with Weymouth in a higher league. That would be ideal!

I feel we’ve adapted well to changes this season, I’ve moved into midfield, and now we’re growing in confidence. The results are starting to show that.

Do you now consider yourself a midfielder?

I would like to. This is the first time I’ve had a solid run of games in midfield and I much prefer it there. In midfield you can enjoy the game more whilst both on and off the ball, and it’s nice to know there’s always a line of defence behind you.

Every time Olu and I have played together in midfield, there’s been very few times where we’ve been overrun.

Who’s been your biggest inspiration in the game?

My biggest inspirations have been John Terry and my Dad. When I used to go to Chelsea games, he used to be the one that I would dream of being like. Everyone remembers him as a big, hard centre-back, but I always used to remember him picking the ball up with his left foot and spraying diagonal passes. He had so much more ability than most people realise.

But, my Dad has been the one that has pushed me. He used to drive me to training and wait until I had finished, even when it was cold. Even now, he’ll travel down to games and watch me when he can. If I have a bad game, he’ll let me know. No matter how old I get, I don’t think that will ever change!

Have you played with anyone else named after a tree apart from Brad Ash?

What trees are out there? Honestly, the only one I can think of is Ross Barkley, and I played against him. That’s as close as I can get!

What do you like to do before a game to put you in the right mindset?

I like to sit with my eyes shut. It may look like I’m sleeping, but I like to get a picture of the game in my head. It helps me relax. I’m usually the calmest in the changing room before the match starts. Sometimes it’s good to be angry, but I’m usually relaxed as a person.

Apart from the Bob Lucas Stadium, what is the best ground you’ve played at?

Villa Park. I was there for a pre-season friendly when I was at Watford, but even then the stadium was full. It was really loud, even when I was in the tunnel. I also got to face John Terry, who was playing for Aston Villa at the time, so that made the day even more special.

Who’s the best player you’ve played with? 

Andrea Belotti. I played with him when I was at Torino. He was unbelievable. Left foot, right foot, they both looked the same. He could head the ball. He was really strong for someone his size, and his finishing was frightening. If you give him any space you may as well give up, because he will score. It just showed the levels that you have to try and get to. I had to mark him in training once. It was a long day.

Would you ever go on Love Island?

No. I have a girlfriend!

Any end of season party antics you would like to share?

There’s a few things that I probably can’t tell you. I’ve seen a player shave his eyebrows off. That’s probably as much as I can say. Elliot Benyon is the liveliest player I’ve ever seen at a party!

Interview by
Jack Webb

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