We are thrilled to announce our media team has won ‘Best Fan Engagement Content’ for the Striver Social Awards 2024.

The team have worked tirelessly throughout the year to bring you the best content at the best level they can with a fully volunteer-based team.

Marketing & Media Manager, Rian Harvey, said ‘The group have worked so hard this season to really level up the socials. I came into the team in October and since then we have all worked so hard. From Mark getting up and getting back at ridiculous hours to make sure we have the photos we need, to Rob bringing commentary to our airwaves, Jack writing up interviews match reports and managing socials, Richard filming all our home games and to our two newest heads Andy and Craig who came in to support the last few months of the season. I would also like to pay tribute to Paul, our chairman, who has been hugely supportive in everything we have wanted to do. The work has been a lot, and we’ve asked for more than has been done before and that has been delivered time and time again. This is just a small step in the exciting direction the clubs heading in, and I cannot wait to level it up again this year and deliver even more to our fans.’

This season has seen tremendous growth across all of the club’s official platforms. We have reached a total of 8 million new accounts through our new-look content with an increase to 50,000+ followers across all our accounts and an average of 1.2 million engaged accounts monthly.

The club is thrilled to accept this award as we enter a new and exciting era not only on the pitch but off it as well.

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