Lee Phillips and Alex Browne the Weymouth scorers.

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Performance v. Southampton by Lanner, Mon Jul 29 22:17:10
I thought a promising performance today ending 2-2. The Terras probably edged both possession and chances. On tonights showing Matthews should have secured the No 1 goalkeeper jersey. Alex B, Simon B, Robbo, Hutch, Rawlinson, Phillips and Laws leading candidates for 1st team squad. Bradford and Walker missed the opportunity to impress. Kenway had a good game and could be in the reckoning. Dean and Basterfield on late.

If Powers and Davis sign and Waldock returns to full fitness we could have a good season especially with Harbut or Funnel and Spence in reserve. Just ?s of 2nd goalkeeper and third striker?

Re: Performance v. Southampton by blackadder, Mon Jul 29 22:35:21
Yeah, i agree probably the best performance so far in these pre-season friendlies. Southampton fielded only two recognisable players in, Morroccan El-Khalej and midfielder Mark Draper for the majority of the game.

Lee Phillips showed that he is a class act, and without him we would struggle this season, also quite impressed with Jason Matthews every game he seems to be getting better.

But still the major question mark is the defence. Bradford isnt the answer, Kenway is just a good squad player to have. Of course, it will be hard to replace the likes of Hale and Cross, but as an earlier post why not give Scott Dennis a chance in the remaining friendlies, I’m not saying hes the answer, but come on Bradford????

Or has Mr Butler got something up his sleeve?? Matt Davies for one, who knows?

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