The board are keen to point out that the Wessex stadium is in no danger of falling down, although:

Unless preventative maintenance is carried out in the near future some of the safety barriers may fail their stress tests, when those tests are next due.

There is a problem with the walkway on one of the floodlight towers and we have enlisted the help of the local authority whose mobile access platform will allow us to renew the failed bulbs.

If the new development fails to materialize then a figure of £100,000 would have to be spent in the next few years to ensure the grounds Conference league grading.

The Wessex stadium is regularly inspected by the local authority and currently conforms to all safety and fire regulations.

The board insists that Mr Terry Bennett is still the chairman and there was no mention in Mike Archer and Dave Higson’s candid interview with Paul Baker from the Echo to suggest otherwise.

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