WEYMOUTH have sent their well wishes to goalkeeper Adam Tong, after a he suffered a severe blow to his head against Bridport Reserves which left him recovering in hospital.

Tong, who has suffered severe trauma to his head on previous occasions, picked up what was initially just thought as a broken nose against the Bees but carried on in the Dorset Premier League Cup battle last month.

Days later, the goalkeeper was admitted to hospital after collapsing at work.

Speaking about the situation, reserves’ chief Bradley Asagba told Echosport: “On Monday at work out of nowhere he collapsed, had a seizure, and was admitted to hospital.

“He had a CT scan and there was severe bleeding on the brain.
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“He is okay now and was out of hospital for Christmas. Hopefully he is going to get the all clear to return to some form of work by next month, or some point in January.

“In terms of his football and contact sports in the future that’s gone now but, obviously, considering the severity of the injury, it’s important the guy is going to be okay.”

Dorset Echo

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