STEWART Yetton admitted he would like to move into football management once his playing career is over and claimed “you’d have to be silly to not want to manage a club like Weymouth”.

The former club skipper, who departed the Bob Lucas Stadium in a shock loan move back to Truro City last week, also admitted he would only consider going into management once his playing days were over.

Asked whether taking on a job like Weymouth attracts him in the future when speaking about his Terras’ exit, Yetton replied: “In the future when I have stopped playing, absolutely.

“You’d have to be silly to not want to manage a club like Weymouth, it’s a fantastic club.

“I would like to think at some point in my career I will be a manager. It’s definitely something I see in the future at some point.”

He added: “I definitely want to go into management one day and, if you are going to manage in non-League, having an aspiration to manage a club like Weymouth is absolutely one you should have because it’s a fantastic football club.

“It’s not any time soon and I think I have a good few years playing yet.

“One of the greatest things I have learnt in the last couple of years, and maybe Jase (Matthews) has as well, is that being a player-manager is very difficult. I wouldn’t want to be a manager while I am still playing.”

And on the subject of Weymouth manager Matthews, Yetton was full of praise for the Terras’ chief.

“I have a lot of respect for Jason. He is a great friend and he is a fantastic guy,” he added.

“One of the nicest men I have ever met in football, if not the nicest man I have ever met.

“He’s a top class guy and I have even tried to tell him at times he needs to be more ruthless. I have not got a bad word to say about Jason, we leave on good terms and I regard Jason as a friend.

“He knows I will always be available to talk to him. Hopefully our paths will cross again someday.”

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