WEYMOUTH Reserves’ boss Bradley Asagba has criticised clubs who settle for mid-table positions following his side’s 4-1 victory over Fleet Spurs.

The Terras’ manager was pleased with his side’s performance but insisted he is not the kind of manager to praise mediocrity with his side sitting in 10th position in the Sydenhams Wessex Division One.

The visitors raced into an emphatic early lead, with Conor Jevon striking a first-half hat-trick to put Weymouth hugely in the ascendency.

Speaking after the game, Asagba clearly had something to get off his chest.

He said: “It was a case of just getting the result, especially given our result on Wednesday. We knew it was going to be difficult on the basis of our pre-match build-up as we were really up against it, so to come away with a 4-1 victory, we were delighted.

“I’m not one of those managers to heap praise on us, because, at the end of the day, we’re mid-table and I’m not the kind of person to champion mediocrity, but to put it in context compared with the resources of other teams who in mid-table in their leagues, it’s embarrassing and I don’t think anyone outside of our club knows the condition that we work within.

“We know the challenges we have to face on a week by week basis and it’s difficult. I won’t go into it too much but with the preparations we had to contend with going into Saturday, I think we can pat ourselves on the back.”

Asagba then went on to compare the mentality of his side with that of his peers, focusing on the level of accountability he places on his players.

He said: “Other clubs who have some quite massive resources seem to pat themselves on the back every week, despite middling in mid-table.

“From the outside looking in you might think there’s no point (in trying) as we’re in mid-table, and perhaps to other clubs it doesn’t matter, but with us there is a heavy emphasis on results, performances and the development of our players.

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