GARY Calder has been appointed Terras chief executive.

The former Hornchurch chairman, who arrived at the club with new manager Garry Hill in midweek, takes over the role from owner Martyn Harrison.

Calder will now be responsible for all non-playing matters at the Wessex Stadium and he says he’s looking forward to the challenge.

He told Echosport: “I’m delighted to be have been offered the position and I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into the challenge.

“My main task will be bring professionalism to the football club and act as that important link between the board room, the fans and the playing side of things.

“In Garry Hill we have a manager who will certainly adopt a professional approach on the park and it’s now my job to do the same off it.

“I’ve come in at an exciting time what with the club officially going full-time on July 1.

The way I see it is that we have a magnificent asset here which has become something of a sleeping giant and we’ll all be working hard to wake it.

“What we are setting out to do is to create a happy club and put smiles on the faces of our supporters.

I wantpeople to enjoy coming to Weymouth and to have fun around the place.

Ultimately it’s results that will do that, but to create a winning team you have to get things right off the park as well and that’s the role of the chief executive.”

Former QPR star Calder, plans to use the time between now and the end of the season to assess what needs to be done at the club and he said he won’t be afraid to make tough decisions.

“I’ve had plenty of experience in football,” he added, “and taking Hornchurch from nothing to the top of the Conference South has obviously stood me in good stead for this job.

What I will do is be honest and look people in the eye and say what needs to be said.

“But I’m confident we can do big things at Weymouth and I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

One thing we won’t be doing is living in the past.

We go forward with positives attitudes and I’m not interested in negative talk.”


Meanwhile Harrison today hailed Calder’s appointment as a ‘great move for the club’.

He explained: “Personally I was spending one day a week working as chief executive and it simply wasn’t enough.

By the time I finished opening letters and answering the phone, it was time to go home again.

“Gary Calder will now take up that role and I think it’s a great move for the football club.

He’s not come in as an investor or anything like that.

He’ll be a full-time employee of the club, which is what the position needs.

“He knows what he’s doing on the commercial side of things and I’ve every confidence he and Garry Hill will take the club forward fairly quickly.”

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