Recent signing Warren Bentley spoke to during a break from the first day of Pre-Season training. You’ve recently just signed for the Terras, you must be delighted to be here?

WB: Yeah, I’m really buzzing to get started now, today is our first proper session with the balls. It’s been really good to meet up with the lads, everything looks really organised and I can’t wait for the season to begin now. Have you been impressed with the early stages of Mark Molesley’s training methods?

(At this point we were interrupted by Zubar chanting “Zubar, Zubar, Zubar!”)

WB: Zubes has been fantastic today! It’s a really professional set up, everything looks like it’s looked after, I’ve been really impressed so far. Now it’s Pre-Season, which is not every players cup of tea, so is it now down to the hard work?

WB: It’s becoming more important for me, the older I get it is taking a little bit longer to get fitter. It’s something we need to do, we need that rest after the season, but it’s good to be back in training and starting to feel fitter and sharper. You come here with a good pedigree, do you have any personal aims for this season?

WB: The main aim for me is to win the league with this team, personal goals aside that’s what I’m looking to do. I’ve never won a league myself and these guys weren’t too far off it last year, so I know we will be aiming for that, like many teams will be in the league. There will be a lot of pressure on the team because they were successful last year but personally I’ll need to work hard to get into the starting line-up and start scoring goals, because that’s what I enjoy to do!

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