This week it was Stuart Fleetwood’s turn to answer the questions of the fans asked by’s Josh Barton.

Josh Barton: You have scored 15 goals in all competitions this season for the Terras. Are you pleased with that return considering you joined in October?

Stuart Fleetwood: I’m pleased to have scored as many as I have but there is always room for improvement. I’ve hit the bar, post and missed easier chances also so I could and should be on over 20 by now.

JB: What are your ambitions for the remainder of your career? Is there anything you’d do differently if you could start it all over again?

SF: I want to play as long as possible (even though my Mrs would like me to call it a day so she can see me more).
If I continue to look after myself then I can keep going for a while! When I was a young ‘prospect’ at Cardiff I thought I’d made it, I’d change that now. I’ve grown up, learnt that hard work pays off and I’d have changed my lifestyle to how it is now if I had the chance again! It’s something I pass on to any young player as advice now.

JB: What has been your favourite moment to date in your career?

SF: My favourite moment is a tough one. I’ve had 2 or 3. My first career hat-trick against then Championship Coventry for Hereford (Lge 2) in the Carling Cup was a night I’ll always remember. (Even though my little boy Sonny has wiped all the signatures off the ball as he boots it round the garden).
My free kick against Bradford to secure Hereford’s safety in League 2 on the penultimate day was really special too.
I was also lucky enough to make history with Luton to beat the only Premier League side away in the FA Cup 4th round which was an unbelievable day.
Loads of highs and lows but I treat every win and loss the same now, never too high when you win and never to too low when you lose.

JB: To date, what is the best goal you have ever scored?

SF: I think the goal I scored away at Lincoln for Hereford in the FA Cup was my best technically. 25 yards whip into the top corner and the keeper just watched it fly in. My goal for Luton against Wrexham in the playoff semis was a special one too.

JB: Who’s the longest in the shower?

SF: Calvin Brooks! Not much more needed to say on that one….

JB: A few Weymouth fans have said they love your celebrations. Are they planned?

SF: I’ve done the same one for over ten years now. The John Cena ‘You can’t see me’ hand gesture. That’s my main one but when you score a vital/special goal it’s an amazing feeling and sometimes emotion takes over and you do some unplanned things. I look back and think back ‘what was I doing?’ but the feeling is indescribable.

JB: Who did you idolise growing up?

SF: When I was really young I followed Man Utd because they won everything. Cantona/Cole were my fav players. Around the age of 11-12 I idolised Di Canio. My allegiance since then has been to West Ham and I’ve been there a few times and been lucky enough to feature for Cardiff at Upton Park in the Championship.

JB: Do you look at anyone in the Weymouth squad and think that they could go places?

SF: There are a few really good young players here. I think Jake Wannell and Calvin Brooks can go on and play higher. There are talented individuals here and with the right guidance and attitude they can push on and make a good career from football.

JB: Can you sum up your time at the club so far?

SF: I’ve loved it. Great group of lads with which I’ll be attending the end of season trip away with them to have some fun and down time. It was a slow start personally but I’ve grown into the team and my fitness is now up to speed. The goals have flowed like I knew they eventually would and I hope I’ve had a positive impact on the players and fans here to show I care and that I’m really enjoying my football.

JB: Cheeky question but do you see yourself remaining at Weymouth next season? Would you like to?

SF: I’m open to anything. I’ve always been like that in my career choices. People always think they know what I earn and that I am on this or that, it’s so untrue. In lower league football you get 1 year, 2 year contracts maximum so you move a lot. People call me a ‘journey man’ and I hate it!!! You have to move to play, I spend 6 hours in a car to play for Weymouth and people sometimes forget the sacrifices players make to play. We’ll see what the Summer holds in regards to options but I’ll have an open mind and talk to anyone who is interested, including Weymouth. This is a great club to be at and if the chance arises then I’ll take the offer very seriously.

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