EX-TERRAS’ striker Stewart Yetton hopes his old side can go on and win the league, after he played against Weymouth in Tiverton Town’s 2-1 loss at the Bob Lucas Stadium.

Yetton, who left the Terras almost two years ago, returned to the Bob Lucas Stadium at the weekend, and was glad to be back in his familiar haunt but admitted it would have been nice to score.

Yetton said: “It would have been lovely to have got a goal in the end absolutely, we are desperate for points I think if we had nicked something at the end it would have been a little bit harsh on Weymouth.

“I thought they were good for the victory and like I said to Moles after the game, I hope they go on and win the league.”

Since he left Weymouth in February 2017, initially on loan at Truro City, he then dropped down to Toolstation Western Premier Division side Plymouth Parkway, before rising back up to join Tivvy.

Yetton explained: “After I left I went to Truro, I didn’t really play a lot so this season I started off with (Plymouth) Parkway, dropped down the leagues. It was a bit more of a local stop and I was looking to play a bit more regularly and then Tiverton wanted me to sign.”

But Yetton revealed he actually turned down the Tivvy initially, but eventually rejoined his former side, with the appeal of playing Weymouth a factor in that decision.

Yetton added: “I said no a couple of times but in the end it probably worked out better in terms of me playing more so I haven’t got long left, maybe a couple of years still playing so it was too good an opportunity in the end to turn down.

“Obviously when we had some juicy fixtures coming up, Taunton on Boxing Day, coming here as well so in the grand scheme of things it made a lot more sense to come back and play at a bit of a higher level and play against teams like this, Weymouth are a very good team so.“

However, Yetton was grateful for the reception from the home faithful from the Bob Lucas Stadium, and was glad to catch up with some of his former teammates.

Yetton said: “It is always nice to come back. I had a great time here, loved every minute of it. I didn’t expect to be coming back, but it is very nice to come back, I got a nice reception so a lot of familiar faces with the fans, and some of the players.

“I think sometimes when players leave reception can be mixed depending on why they leave, but obviously I loved every minute of it here so, I had a good relationship with a lot of people so it was nice, a nice welcome.

“I’ve remained good friends with a lot of them, we had a couple of end of season trips as well so we’ve got some great memories some of us. So (they are) a good bunch of lads.”

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