This week we talk to December Player of the Month, Josh Wakefield.

John Pritchard: For the people who may not know, and there is a big handful to chose from but who is the best player you have played against?

Josh Wakefield: The best player I’ve played against would have to be Kaka. Real Madrid came and played Bournemouth in a friendly and I was lucky enough to get some minutes on the pitch! It was a great experience!

JP: I can imagine, I’m sure it felt surreal! I’m sure you might of seen this one coming! Can you talk us through some of the barnets we have seen this season?

JW: Yeah it was great! Something I will never forget. Well, I mean some of the most shocking things I have seen this season are the haircuts the lads come in with. Now I’ve got mine back to normal I can comment on this. Captain McCarthy’s haircut is always terrible – I can’t remember a time where I’ve thought it was nice! Then you’ve got a combination of Brandon and Harry Baker which if the wind blows the wrong way it may fly off! Unfortunately we are a side not blessed with fantastic haircuts!

JP: Thommo’s looks like he gets it done every week! Can you tell us why it came about you shaving your hair and also doing it around the time the pen pics was taken? 

JW: Haha! I think he does actually! Likes to act the big man Thommo does but he’s a big softy really. Well I actually had a seriously bad haircut at a barbers in Poole, had a look at it in the mirror and thought I can’t go out looking like this! So went to another one and got it all shaved off! I used to have a skin head all the time when I was younger anyway so I didn’t mind it, but everyone else was shocked to say the least.

JP: I hope you didn’t pay for the first one! Already this season, we have seen a number of brilliant performances from you. Is there a reason for that? Does it come down to you enjoying football and getting minutes?

JW: I did unfortunately. Well thank you for that. I’m not sure really, I remember talking to my dad before the season started and he convinced me really to just get my head down again and start playing the way I used to play when I loved football. Thankfully, for me it’s working so far! I think with anything if your enjoying it, it becomes easier to push yourself to do better.

JP: Yes definitely! That’s great to hear and you can definitely see you are enjoying it out there! Moving on from football, what’s the most unneeded things you spend money on? For example shoes, clothes, takeaway etc

JW: Hmmm that’s actually a good question! I would have to say gaming really, I always buying new games and have been a big gamer all my life.

JP: Jake has already asked for a beating on FIFA, I hope you don’t want one too! If you were to go on holiday tomorrow and could only take one person involved with the terras, who are you taking?

JW: Well I would have to take Josh Carmichael I reckon, he’s always up for a good laugh and we have been great mates for a number of years now so he would be on the plane next to me.

JP: What do you get up to when traveling on the away coach?

JW: Well we have abit of a card school on the coach, so myself, Josh Carmichael, Jake McCarthy and Ashley Wells like to play cards on the way up. Nothing too crazy thankfully! It’s been a bad few weeks on the away coach for me but I’m hoping my luck changes soon!

JP: And last one, take this how you will and respond with whatever first comes to mind, can be related to football or in life but how do you want to be remembered?

JW: I think I would like to be remembered as someone who tried to enjoy every moment of life, and maybe sometimes a little too much ha!



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