WEYMOUTH Reserves’ boss Bradley Asagba admitted his future at the club is uncertain, after his side played their final fixture in Sydenhams Wessex Division One on Monday.

The Terras’ drew 1-1 with Alton at the Bob Lucas Stadium, having been pegged back late on after Sanchez Baker scored from the spot for the hosts.

With his side’s campaign now finished, Asagba revealed he was set to wait and see about his role at the club, who are hoping to name a new first-team manager by the end of this week to replace Jason Matthews.

Asked about his future at the club for next term, Asagba replied: “The bottom line is I don’t know, to be quite honest.

“Obviously there is a lot of upheaval at the club and, hopefully from the club’s perspective, that’s going to be resolved this week.

“The board have called me in and given me their feedback on how the season has gone and what they want to do going forward.

“Whether the new manager wants me or whether I can work for the new manager is completely up in the air at this point. In terms of next season, who knows?”

Quizzed on whether it was a job he would want to continue doing, Asagba said: “It completely depends.

“Under Jason and Paul (Maitland) the club approached me and asked me to be manager. Obviously I was aware of the parameters and the conditions I would be working under then.

“That’s obviously changed now. The new manager may come in and may have somebody he believes can do a better job _ that might be the end of me from that basis.

“Or, a new manager might have his own ideas on how a reserve team should be run. I might at that point think it’s not for me.

He added: “I really can’t comment in terms of my future, where I am going to be, or what will be decided.

“We will just have to see what happens really.”

The reserve side, who were promoted last term, are currently ninth in the league table at present, having finished the season with 64 points from their 40 league games played.

 Dorset Echo

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