This week for our Midweek Matters feature; Tiago Sa spoke to Adam Purchase of about his time at the club so far.

Adam Purchase: You have become more of a regular feature in the first team this season. Have you noticed an improvement in your game?

Tiago Sa: I would say that playing with the first team has improved my game because now I do think a lot quicker when I’m on the ball and I feel that I can compete at this level.

AP: We have seen you play in more than one position so far this season, but which is your favourite position?

TS: It’s a tricky one but my favourite position would have to be left wing back simply because it’s more of an attacking role and yes it’s exhausting, but that’s the position I enjoy the most.

AP: It must be a good feeling putting on that Terras shirt at the Bob Lucas Stadium but what is your favourite moment of this season from a personal point of view?

TS: My favourite moment this season would probably be when we played Banbury away where I was given a chance to prove what I could offer to this club.

AP: Who have you looked up to as you were growing up?

TS: For me being Portuguese obviously Cristiano Ronaldo has been that one person I have always looked up to.

AP: Many Terras fans have been impressed since you have come into the first team. Has it been a good feeling when people have noticed your progression?

TS: It’s always a great feeling when people notice that you’re progressing because it tells me that the work I do outside of the pitch is paying off.

AP: Which player in the team has the worst dress sense?

TS: This is a tough one as I’ve only really seen everyone in their tracksuits on so unfortunately, I couldn’t give you an honest answer on that one ha.

AP: Which player in the team has the worst taste in music?

TS: I’d have to say Calvin only because he plays too much drake haha.

AP:  As a young player you must always be looking to improve your game, do you have any short and long term targets that you’ve set yourself?

TS: Short term for me would be to gain more experience playing at this level in order to develop as a player. Whilst long term I would like to be able to play at the highest level of football, that I could achieve.

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