Posted on behalf of Ian White from Wessex Fantasy Football, we urge as many supporters as possible to get involved for next season to help Mark Molesley’s Southern League campaign.

Well here I am only two days past the end of the season and I am at it already. Before the fans forum on Saturday I met with Mark Molesley and Paul Maitland and explained to Mark what the Wessex Fantasy is and what it can offer him and the club. He was very impressed and very excited about the prospect of perhaps obtaining a player for the season that won’t come out of his player budget. So in other words an extra player. He promised me he would be in touch.

I have been doing the Wessex Fantasy Football for 4 years now and have raised just under £60,000 and we are still in the same league when I started it. But I won’t give up together we can do this and I have a feeling the 2017/18 season is the season that we actually will do it!!

Well that didn’t take long as I recieved a phone call Sunday morning with a mission for the Wessex Fantasy Football. Many of you will be I am sure impressed and surprised at the efforts of Chippenham Town in winning the league this season. Basically what they did was obtained two very good strikers who could score them 20+ goals each for the season. In fact between them Sandell & Pratt scored a total of 49 goals in the league alone. As we have seen over the past two seasons it is all well and good to have good build up play but at the end of the day goals win games.

So we have the opportunity to sign an Iconic Striker. Before anyone asks I can’t name him as this will alert other teams, but I can assure you that if this comes off which Mark is very hopeful it will you will be very impressed.

So what is needed? We need to raise £16,000!! If we can do that the Wessex Fantasy Football venture (in other words you) will be paying via the club the wages for the whole season of a very Iconic Striker. I promise you all the money I raise through the Wessex Fantasy Football will only go into the Weymouth FC Player Budget.

I am pleased to announce that I have already recieved a donation of £1,000 to get us underway.

So how can you help? There are two ways.

1. You can donate to the fund either with a one off payment or a monthly payment over the 9 months of the season. The donation form can be downloaded via the link below.


2. The other way is of course via the Game itself. Now the problem with the game is it won’t be ready for entry until July 2017. So what I have decided to do is issue a Game Pledge Form which you can download from the link below and that will tell me your commitent to play the game. Cost of the game will be the same as 2016/17 £10 a month or £85 for the season.


Now let me give you some figures concerning the Wessex Fantasy Football Game.

In the 2016/17 Season we had 51 players playing the game, that breaks down to £3,672 to the WFC Player Budget over the season.

If we can get the following numbers playing in 2017/18 this is how it could breakdown for the season.

100 Players – £7,200 for the season.
150 Players – £10,800 for the season
200 Players – £14,400 for the season.

So come on please get your family and friends involved and help me make a real difference.

Kind Regards

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