This week Josh Barton of caught up with Terras’ defender Dane James to discuss his time and future with Weymouth FC.

Josh Barton: Hi Dane. Firstly, congratulations on your new deal. We look forward to seeing you in a Terras shirt again next season.

JB: Having previously been at academy level, what made you want to join Weymouth?

Dane James:  I wanted to join Weymouth because I feel as if it’s the next step for me, because having had those opportunities with professional clubs and not been successful as such, I feel as if Weymouth is going to provide me with what I need to improve and become a better player.

JB: You made a number of appearances for the first team towards the latter end of last season. Do you hope to kick on next season and get a few more appearances under your belt and eventually be a key player for the club?

DJ: I would love to get a few more appearances for the club, especially at the start of the season because I feel that it will give me a huge boost! Then it’s down to how much I want it and how hard I’m willing to work for it.

JB: Many Terras fans have been very impressed with what they’ve seen from you, both when you played for the reserves last season and when you forced your way into the first team plans. Does it feel good when people recognise your progress?

DJ: When fans and other viewers comment on how well I’m doing  it makes me feel amazing and I know with the players and the coaching staff at the club things are only going to get better (fingers crossed).

JB:  It’s noticeable that you have a massively long throw in technique. Did it take much work?             

DJ: Honestly, I’ve always had a long throw from a young age. I don’t think that there is much skill behind it, I thinks it’s more technique.

JB: Asking you now at this stage, what is the short term and long term goal for you?

DJ: My short term goal is to have a great pre-season because I feel that is a key part to how well the rest of the season goes. Long term though I feel as if I could really push the other first team players because they are all great, but I feel that I could step up if needs be and that’s what I have to be ready for!

JB: How much are you looking forward to meeting back up with your teammates and working with manager Mark Molesley over pre-season?

DJ: I am looking forward to it greatly because I want to get back into the season and now they have seen me play through last season I feel as if they believe in me more! And with players like Zubar in the team all you can do is thrive of their experiences and their skills and learn from them. I know as long as Mark is manager I have a chance to push my way up into the first team because he will help me improve my skills and my understanding of the game.


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