Weymouth FC and Weymouth FC Supporters Association are organising a Race Night and Patrons Draw with the Race Night proceeds going to the Wessex Fantasy Football player budget fund.

The Patrons Draw is being organised via the Supporters Club; entry cost is £250 and the money raised will be donated to Weymouth FC, helping to support the running of the club.


We will be featuring 8 horse races in the WFC Lounge and two races with a bit of fun. 10 Races to Sponsor at a cost £30 each. We are looking for sponsors for each race and there are 5 races left to sponsor.

Our Chairman has kindly sponsored the first race of the evening and he has named it as the “Championship Chase from somewhere in Minorca”. Funny names are permissible but we reserve the right to ask for the name to be changed if it is something we cannot put in print in the media or on our website.

On the night the horses in each race will be available to be purchased for the race at a cost of £3 with the winning owner picking up a prize in every race. The last two fun races will have the runners auctioned off to the highest bid before the race commences.

The Patrons Draw will take place after Race 8 whereby we will auction the runners and owners for the final two races.

The pre-season friendly vs. Torquay is on Saturday afternoon and we hope as many fans as possible will come down to the Race Night and Patrons Draw later in the evening as the funds raised will be going to help the playing budget and grass-roots adult football at WFC.

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