Manager Mark Molesley spoke to Josh Barton of ahead of the start of the 2017-18 season.

Josh Barton: How did you think the open training session and fans forum went at the Bob Lucas Stadium on Tuesday night?

Mark Molesley: It was good to get out and train on our home pitch in front of our fans for the open training session. Blandford has been and is a great facility for us and we have done a lot of good work there. It was a good opportunity for our supporters to see what we have been doing in pre-season and how we have been working behind the scenes. Also with the fans forum, it was a good chance for the fans to ask us some questions and gain a bit of an insight into our ideas and vision.

JB: You announced Ashley Wells as club captain and Jake McCarthy as team captain.

MM: We were delighted to announce Ashley Wells, our longest serving player, to be our club captain and also, Jake McCarthy as team captain.

JB: The opening game of the 2017-18 season is nearly upon us. Are you and your squad ready?

MM: I think we are just about there now. To be honest, I think we were ready for it last Saturday but we just have to be patient. Everyone is just waiting to get going with the season now. We’ve built up our work throughout and prepared well in pre-season. In the season, the games come thick and fast and they will be upon us shortly. We feel prepared and we do have some challenges ahead. I think we have the right attitudes within the squad to take the challenges on but of course, the proof will be in the pudding. St Ives will be a very tough test for us in the opening game but it is a game we are very much looking forward to!

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