Ben Thomson joins Ben Carter of to discuss the upcoming season and new signings.

Ben Carter: With the 2017/18 league campaign on the verge of starting, are there any last minute preparations that you will be doing?

Ben Thomson: I won’t have any specific preparations, I like to get to the club early on game day, get some music on the speaker before some of the horrendous DJ’s in the squad turn up! I also just get ready and all sorted for the match in order to be prepared for kick off.

BC: After completing pre-season and getting to know the new additions to the squad, who are you most looking forward to playing along side?

BT: I’m genuinely looking forward to playing with all of the new lads! They’ve all got completely different attributes and styles of play, so each one brings something exciting and new to the team!

BC: Do you have any main ambitions for this season? For example scoring more than last season or is it more about the team performances?

BT: Obviously I’d like to score more goals than I did last season. Being a striker, that’s my main target for the season.  I’ll do my all in order to fulfil this.

BC: What is the greatest piece of advice you have been given by a manager before? How did this help you to develop as a player?

BT: My best bit of advice from a manager is to always have focus on the end goal. If you haven’t got that prize at the end of it it’s easy to lose sight in what you’re actually trying to achieve for the season. Having nothing to play for is all the motivation I need to keep me pushing, because to me there’s nothing worse than that feeling.

BC: Are there any players that you watch on TV and think to yourself “I could really add this to my game in order to improve?

BT: I watch match of the day every week and think I wish I could finish like that, of course I do! I don’t look into it too much though if I’m being honest though, because if we could do it to that level we wouldn’t be playing non-league! I do wonder if Harry Kane thinks before he hits it is this landing on Weymouth sea front or top bins though or if thats just me!

BC: What is the one thing you enjoy most about playing football for Weymouth?

BT: The most enjoyable thing about playing for Weymouth football club is the dedication of the fans. You won’t play anywhere in the league with fans like it. (The food after games is good too which helps)

BC: When you’re not playing football, are there any other sports that you enjoy playing? How would you rank your skill level?

BT: I love a bit of tennis. Me and Rodders (Aaron Rodriguez) absolutely hammered Calvin (Brooks) and Brandon (Goodship)  in a doubles match before training last week on Blandford courts-6 sets to none!  They’ve been giving it the big one for weeks now so we’ve thankfully put that one to bed!

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