Before the local derby against Dorchester Town, Josh Barton caught up with assistant manager Paul Maitland.

Josh Barton: Paul you have been involved in a fair few of the derby matches against Dorchester. Is the team ready for the occasion?

Paul Maitland: Derby matches are always big games, they are games you want to be involved in and it’s the games you look for when the fixtures. Obviously I’ve been involved in 8 games against Dorchester since being involved with Weymouth and we have only lost 1 so hopefully tomorrow we can continue with that good form.

JB: Obviously this game comes just two days after the last game. How much of an impact, if any, will that have?

PM: It’s the same for both teams. We haven’t had to travel. We were able to give the players ice baths and deep tissue massages, and they were given instructions on how to best prepare over the rest of the weekend. The adrenaline will be high and it’ll be intense, as you’d expect in a derby.

JB: How important will the Terras support be for the team in this particular game?

PM: It’s huge. The supporters were really good for us on Saturday, they stuck with the team when we were getting frustrated and the fans kept sticking with us. Tomorrow we will have plenty of support and it’ll be almost like a home game in that respect. We urge our fans to get right behind the team from the first whistle as they are very important to us!

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