Congratulations to Mark Travers who won the online poll for August’s Goal of the Month. His remarkable long range strike against Bishop’s Stortford in the Evo-Stik League South gained 82% of the vote. The award was kindly sponsored by Ian White of Wessex Fantasy Football.

The first month of this season’s Wessex Fantasy Football has now come to an end and the winners have been paid. The Squad who finished second after leading all the way through August 2017 have given their winning back to the Wessex Fantasy Football fund as they are of course only playing for fun. This season we also have playing for fun a management team called From the Dugout so a real battle is underway between them and the Squad. As it stands the Squad are one up on the Dugout. Can you better both these teams?
It really feels that all the effort involved with Wessex Fantasy Football could actually bear fruit this season under the guidance of Mark and his team. At the moment I have just 45 players actually playing the game it would be great to get that up to 100 and beyond. Can we afford to keep Jordan Rose for another month if he is available? Well sign up to Wessex Fantasy Football and we can make that happen.
We have a real part to play this season and we can and will make a difference!!
Ian White – Wessex Fantasy Football
A link to the Wessex Fantasy Football site can be found at the bottom on the page.

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