CHARLIE Davis is looking forward to the home matches over the Christmas period, with a Boxing Day derby against Dorchester in store at the Bob Lucas Stadium but insists the side are taking one game at a time.

Before that, the Terras face Banbury United today (3pm) in their last away match of the year before they face Redditch United at home on December 23.

Before the encounter with Banbury, Davis told Echosport: “After Banbury today we will have Redditch two days before Christmas, which is nice.”


Davis missed the previous derby in August due to illness as Weymouth won 3-0 at the Avenue Stadium thanks to goals from Brandon Goodship and a brace from Jake McCarthy.

Davis said: “I think if we get a good result, especially at home to Redditch it takes us into Boxing Day at our place and I think it will set the fans up really well for that and set the team up well for it.

Davis said: “I’m looking forward to the match after missing the derby earlier in the

season through illness, but one game at a time.”

Davis refers to the preparation that goes into each match and the mentality of one game at a time helping, as he says: “You do not get chance to think too far ahead.


“I think it is good for us this year as well because I think we are so involved in that week’s preparation for whoever we are playing at the weekend at the moment.

This is emphasised when he refers to the derby with Dorchester.

Davis said: “I know the fans and others around the club that boxing day and the bank holiday against Dorchester is a big game but I think it is nice that it is not ‘oh that is our big match of the season’.

“We are always Saturday or Tuesday, whichever is our next game is the biggest.”

Davis adds: “You can’t get ahead of yourself and start thinking oh I can’t wait to do this on Boxing Day.’”

When asked if this approach reduces pressure upon the players Davis responded: “I think we feel pressure all of the time, it comes with being a Weymouth player and fans expect and rightfully so that when you are playing for the club you should be churning out more positive results than negative.”


“We have got enough experience in our team to know what needs to be done and when we are not doing things right and we will be the first people to say that if we didn’t play very well.”

Weymouth had their last match postponed against Dunstable but had a training session instead, as Davis said: “It is good to see that we don’t just let the work go to one side and everyone has the weekend off.

“I think come the end of the season we will be thankful for it because we know wherever we are come the end of the season we have given everything.

Davis pays tribute to the help that the squad get from the staff, saying: “When you have got more information and structure about what you are going to do and what the other team are going to do before the game. It gives you that advantage that probably most teams don’t have. “

Weymouth face Banbury United today and before being at home to Redditch United next week.

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