caught up with the man of the match from the 3-0 victory over Merthyr Town, Josh Carmichael. We are in a very good position and sit in the play off places. How is the mood in the dressing room?

Josh Carmichael: The mood is good like it has been all season really, being in the position we are is a bit of a bonus but we have worked hard all season and deserve to be where we are. How much of an impact has the manager had on your game?

JC: The gaffer has had a big impact on my game, obviously he’s known me for a while so he knows my game well and he knows how to get the best out of me and improve me and that was one of the main reason for coming to Weymouth to be honest. You seem to be really enjoying your football at the club. What are the main reasons for this?

JC: It has to be the lads, I know everyone has said what a good group we have got but being in this group, I think is making everyone really enjoy their football and it’s showing out on the pitch with the results we are getting! Best and Worst dressed players at the club are….

JC: Worst dressed probably as much as I love him has to be Bakes (Harry Baker), not sure if it has been mentioned before but the famous Gucci t-shirt was up there with the worst I’ve seen! And best is a hard one. A few of the lads do alright when they give it a go so tough to say but will go either Wakefield or Charlie (Davis). Who is the least likely to pay their way when out on a date?

JC: Has to be either Charlie (Davis) or Calvin (Brooks), they are two of the tightest people I know so it’s a close one between them. How did you rate Ben Thomson’s interview for

JC: Very highly, he’s a funny guy. Not the sharpest tool in the box but he cracks me up all the time! When growing up, who was your footballing hero and why?

JC: Easy, Steven Gerrard. He was just a pleasure to watch! Loved everything he could do, his passing some of his goals and the way he controlled a game of football was amazing to watch the Champions League Final and the FA Cup Final in which he ultimately inspired Liverpool to win those finals just sums him up as a player!

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