FUNDRAISING efforts from the Wessex Fantasy League to help Weymouth sign another player have reached more than £2,000 after just one week as the Terras head into their final 10 games of the season.

The Fantasy League, run by recently-appointed Terras’ chairman Ian White, managed to raise £1,300 in one day after the organisation was made aware that Weymouth were looking to sign another player.

White explained: “They (the management) spoke to me last week and said that they felt they needed another striker possibly, they were a bit short on forwards especially with Harry Baker getting injured.”

Efforts to raise funds have also been bolstered by a £500 donation from a group of fans called ‘The Old Gits’ and separate donations from the Weymouth Supporters’ Association and individuals.

The Terras had an effort to sign Frome Town’s Jon Davies turned down by the player, which was announced by Frome via Twitter on Thursday.

Referencing Baker’s recent injury in the 3-0 win against Royston Town, Weymouth assistant-manager Paul Maitland said: “When we assessed the squad and looked over the squad it was one area we are a little bit light on and we asked the chairman if it was possible to try and raise some funds to maybe just try and strengthen in that area if we can find the right person.

“There has been a really positive response from people so far. If we can get the right player that fits what we are looking for then of course we will be interested.

“That is not a slant on any of the current players we have playing in those positions.”

The Fantasy League has raised £60,000 since it first started five years ago and has helped the club to fund deals for Toby Down, Matt Tubbs and Chris McPhee.

Most notably, it helped Weymouth sign current top scorer Brandon Goodship in the summer, who presently has 29 goals this season.

White said: “We have been responsible for three of the players that we have had here (this season) and obviously the best one without a shadow of a doubt is Brandon, just incredible.

“He has done enough to prove that it is definitely the best signing Wessex has ever done.”

When asked if it feels different now he is chairman to see the support from the fans in this manner, White said: “It is fantastic because that is one of the things about the Wessex, it has been running for five years.

“This is the first year that we really feel like it is going to benefit, because we have ended up with one of our best players in Brandon Goodship.

“The fans are brilliant, there are so many groups that raise money it is just incredible, really really good.”

White originally started the game in 1997 when he took over as programme editor for Weymouth.

White has gone on to help run a Fantasy League in the Non League Paper before he set up a separate league for the Bob Lucas Stadium outfit again five years ago.

He said: “The idea behind it originally was that we would have an extra pot of money at some stage in the season to allow the management team to bring in an extra player here.”

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