I would like to thank each and everyone of you that was kind enough to donate to the fund to enable us add another player to our squad.

I cannot start to express my gratitude to you all and was overwhelmed by the response. As with the playing budget and money raised this season previously through Wessex Fantasy Football I have treated that money as sacred and would only ever use it if I felt it was necessary. When the original discussion was had with Ian we were suffering from illness and injury heading into the Hereford game and we had real concerns about Harry Baker welfare and thought it would be sensible to add another attacking player to the squad.

We have obviously been able to add Thiago Caze da Silva to our squad, who although a defender brings a wealth of experience with him, which will be important in the final push to the end.

As it stands today we have a fully fit squad and no suspensions, I am content that those that have taken us this far should be entrusted to carry us through until the end. We have looked at one or two players who for what ever reasons have chosen to stay with their club’s. I have very specific views on how I want my players to respect the fans they represent and how they must fit into my philosophy and beliefs. Therefore we have taken the decision not to spend the money raised and to again thank you for your gesture.

I believe the Wessex Fantasy Football will be returning any donations, or for those of you kind enough to leave it in the fund, it will be put towards next season’s WessexFF fund.

Once again thank you for your continued support, now our challenge is to make you as proud of us as we are of you.

Mark Molesley

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