New signing, Tony Lee speaks to as he looks forward to his first season at the club.

JB: First of all, welcome to the club. When did you make your mind up that we were the club for you next season?

TL: After speaking to the gaffer and Tom Prodomo, my mind was made up. They both had very positive things to say on everything about the club and what the plans for Weymouth Football Club were over the upcoming season and next few year. I want to be a massive part of something great!

JB: We look forward to having you part of it. Did you keep an eye on Weymouth last season and do you know any of the current squad from previous experiences?

TL: After having conversations with Mark Molesley last pre-season and it not working out for both me and the club just due to timing, I’d always check to see how Weymouth had got on. Having played with some of the boys before and being good mates with a few of them, I’d always look to see how they were getting on and what a season they had!

JB: You’ve played at the Bob Lucas Stadium before for previous clubs. How much are you looking forward to getting out there in the Claret and Blue and playing in front of your new supporters?

TL: It has always been a place I look forward to playing at with the big stadium. The fans come out in their numbers and make a lot of noise and it’s intimidating coming in as an opposition player. To be playing there as a Weymouth player, with the fans behind us every week in numbers is exciting. I can’t wait to show them what I’m about and play for this massive club!

JB: I’m sure the fans are looking forward to seeing you in action. I seem to ask everyone this, do you have any early personal targets for next season?

TL: To be honest, I just want to play as much as I can and enjoy my football. Also, I want to win as many games as possible and help the club reach the targets that we set out to achieve, if we can do that it will be a good season.

JB: What attributes can the Terras fans expect to see from you? 

TL: Umm… I’d have to say I’m a strong, physical player who’s good in the air and I’d like to think I’m okay with the ball at my feet haha. I’m a very energetic and hard working player.

JB: Your footballing hero growing up was…

TL: Brazilian Ronaldo easy! He was a joke!

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