Terras Director of Football, Paul Maitland spoke with theterras.com as we look ahead to the Legends game and Pre-Season.

Legends Game

“Mark, myself and Tom, over the last couple of years, have made a conscious effort to do more bits for the community. This legends game is the perfect opportunity to bring people together and it should be a great day with favourite players from the past out on the Bob Lucas Stadium pitch. It’ll be exciting when the names of the players start to get announced and it’ll be a real family day.”

“We are not just interested in preparing the first team week in week out and we are trying to reach out to the community and with the backing of the board, we want people to feel part of something. Moving the first team forward is obviously a priority but we are always trying to improve and make things more inclusive for everyone.”

“The future is bright and for it to remain bright we need to make it feel good for the young and the old and everyone in and around the club. Raising money for local charities, when we can, is fantastic and we look forward to welcoming the Weldmar Hospice Care Trust as our charity partners on the day.”


“With the pre-season we looked at what would be a good mix and a benefit us. We felt the good relationship we have with AFC Bournemouth was something we could use and we look forward to hosting them for the first game. It’s a good first friendly to have and their players as well as ours will be ready to go. We chose a 1pm kick off in the hope that England get to the World Cup QF for a 3pm kick off!”

“We look forward to welcoming Exeter back and hopefully there can be a good turn out for that, in what could be our hardest friendly. The thinking with the Kingstonian game was to give ourselves an understanding and a bit of an insight to what we can expect from the teams around that area.”

“Bath City will be a good test as will the games against Wimborne and Winchester which will lead us into the start of the season. It is a well rounded pre season, with plenty of variety.”

On the squad

“We’ve done a lot early but we still have some irons in the fire. As always we will always look at what is right for us and who can fit our remit. Don’t be fooled that we are done in terms of incomings.”

“We are pleased to have kept the bulk of the squad. They have had a good break and they are now into their first stages of preparation for Pre-Season. It’s been great to welcome Jordan Seabright and Tony Lee, both will add to our squad and it’s also pleasing to add Robbie Yates as our goalkeeping coach. He will be a very important member of our team.

“Pre-Season is always an opportunity to take a look at some younger players and trialists. The staff are chomping at the bit to get back to work, not that we really stop! It’s exciting times and it’ll be an interesting season with some different places to go.

“I’ve heard some people say that it won’t be as strong a League this season, but I’m not sure where that comes from because we haven’t seen the teams yet. If we had to start back tomorrow, we would be happy to do so. We already feel ready!”

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