As the Terras Pre-Season schedule begins, Louie James of spoke to Weymouth manager Mark Molesley as he enters the start of a new season at the club. As we move into pre season, are you happy with the way the squad looks?

Mark Molesley: Without a doubt. I think our main aim was to keep everyone together and we did well in that. The only player we lost was Calvin and that took an army to take him away from us! We are a year older and a year wiser now and have built brilliant foundations for us to progress from and move forward. How important is pre season in preparing the players mentally as well as physically for the up coming season?

MM: It is very important. The way we play, preparation is very important. It it vital for getting the players prepared for the season so they are ready from the first game and it is also about giving players the confidence boost that helps the team progress as a unit. What do you see the main goal as being for the club this season?

MM: Our main goal this season is to improve on and off the pitch and to grow the club as a whole. I don’t like to set long term goals so we look at every training session and game individually and help the team to strive forward using short term goals. As the legends game is moving closer are you excited by the interest it has generated?

MM: Definitely! It’s great to see the fans getting behind the game and also great to allow fans to see the history of the club and see heroes of the past play once again. I hope that there is a big turn out for the game as it will have a great atmosphere surrounding it. What did you go dressed as to your last fancy dress party?

MM: The last fancy dress party I went to I went as an old lady. It was for the football teams Christmas party and a mate and I went as a pair of old ladies. There was also Superman, Batman and Robin with us as well! Would you rather score a 40 yard screamer or dribble through the whole team and score?

MM: Definitely dribbling through the whole team. As a player I was know for my dribbling and I am also fortunate to have done both in my career. However, I feel dribbling through the team involves a lot more skill and perseverance as you have to avoid a number of tackles on the way where as with the 40 yard screamer you can get lucky. Thankyou very much for your time and I look forward to watching the team throughout the next season.

MM: No problem. Thank you! Up the Terras!

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