The Terras visit the Kingfisher Ward at Dorset County Hospital to deliver presents for Christmas

On Thursday 19th December, The Terras had the humbling opportunity to donate some gifts to the children on Kingfisher Ward at Dorset County Hospital.

Mark Molesley spoke with the team about what they would like to give back at Christmas and they all felt that visiting the hospital would bring some festive joy to children that are potentially spending Christmas in a place no one wants to be.

The lads all donated and we arrived with giant sacks of gifts ready to play “Santa” and of course we made sure the nurses weren’t left out with gifts for them as well.

We’d like to thank Kitz and Suzy from DCH for helping us to arrange this amazing and rememberable experience, we hope the patients enjoyed it as much as we did, and of course, we thank the nurses of Kingfisher Ward for the incredible work they do on a daily basis.

After the lads donated to all who were there, they decided that the presents left over would be sent to Weymouth Food Bank to help spread Christmas cheer across the community.

At this time of year, it’s easy for everyone to give a little but it’s important to remember we need to be giving all year round which is why Weymouth Football Club will be doing our annual food bank drive in January. More details will follow after Christmas.

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