Louie James of theterras.com caught up with Captain Jake McCarthy in our latest player interview.

theterras.com: First question is, how do you rate the Pre-Season at Weymouth? Are you put through intense training by the management team?

Jake McCarthy: I cannot fault the pre-season at Weymouth at all, it’s very professional, always a structure and a plan behind each drill and each run. Yes we are being put through our paces. We had testing first day back which consisted of various different tests and finished with a yo-yo test, each session at the start we do runs and the time we are running is increasing each session. I rate the pre-season very highly at Weymouth. I doubt any other team in the league come close to the professionalism.

theterras.com: At least you know it’s very beneficial and hopefully means that the team start the season very strong and positively. What are the most important qualities that you posses that make you a great captain on the pitch?

JM: I believe the qualities that I possess that make me a good captain are that I am confident on and off the ball. I am loud and commanding and well respected in the dressing room and I hopefully try to lead by example with my performances.

theterras.com: Decent. It’s quite clear the rest of the team listen and respect you when on the pitch. What music is played in the dressing rooms before games and who is the DJ?

JM: It’s a mixture, it’s either my music which consists of non stop DJ russke, or Josh Carmichael’s music which between me and you can sometimes be a bit interesting to say the least haha!

theterras.com: Hahaha! I love that. (One of my go to questions now) What is the one app on your phone that you couldn’t go a week without using?

JM: Ooo it’s a tough one between instagram or Twitter, I just love to keep to to date with what’s going on… I’m always on either of them two!

theterras.com: I think we all do! Haha. Finally, I recently did a piece with analyst Danny Webb, can you give us an insight of how hard he works?

JM: Words don’t even describe what that man does for us and the club, and how much we all as players appreciate him. He works endlessly, until a stupid time in the morning to make sure we all get our clips on time. Without him, we would not of got to where we did last season, he’s a vital part of the squad.

theterras.com: He really does work tirelessly for the club as well being a great person as well! Our interview with him last week gave us a small insight into what he has to do and how it helps the team but I think a lot of it is unseen but so important.

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