Abdulai Baggie talks to Louie James of theterras.com as they discuss his best moment in a Terras shirt so far, the best Stadium he’s played in, Pre-Match superstitions and more.

theterras.com: Firstly how do you feel pre-season has gone so far and what do you think about the squad for this season?

Abdulai Baggie: Pre-Season has gone well so far personally for myself but also collectively too. We have kept the squad together since last season apart from losing Calvin and we have added a few players to the squad to strengthen the group. I don’t see why we can’t go again this season and challenge at the top.

theterras.com: Nice! What is your most enjoyable moment at Weymouth so far?

AB: I would have to say scoring against Chesham and winning 6-0 away because it was an unbelievable perforce from the boys and it could of been more with the score line.

theterras.com: Your goal in that game was incredible as well and would have definitely been up there for goal of the season along with Thommo’s goal in that game too! What is your favourite stadium you’ve played in other than the BLS?

AB: I would have to say Wembley, that would have to be the best stadium I have played in, Along with Villa Park and Prenton Park (Tranmere Rovers).

theterras.com: Wow! That really is an amazing stadium! When did you play there?

AB: Played there when I was on loan. I was 17 in the league 2 play-offs against Dagenham & Redbridge, then I was lucky enough to go again with Bristol Rovers in the conference play off Final.

theterras.com: That must have been incredible! Do you or any other player at Weymouth you’ve played with have any pre match superstitions?

AB: I always have to be second from last when we come out for a game! I have always done since the age of 17 and I have always kept to that. I am not sure about some of the other boys.

theterras.com: Fair enough. I’m sure many players have little things like that as well! What’s it like having Adam Lallana as your partner’s brother? Does he ever give you advice to help you improve as a footballer?

AB: Of course, for sure some people like to say if they have any superstitions. Ha I knew that question would eventually come up… do you know what to be honest I don’t think about it. Weird to say but where you have your own little family and so does he you don’t have time to think about stuff like that until the family are together. We don’t talk about football, we just have a chat, laugh & and a normal catch up what families do I guess.

theterras.com: I bet you get it quite a lot when your interviewed. Haha. I’m sure he likes the break from football and doesn’t want to then be talking about it when he’s on his holiday. Final question now, what job would you be doing if you weren’t a player or coach in football?

AB: That’s a tough question. I’m not too sure. I think I would maybe do something that involves Sport or go into property.

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