Eddie Knell of theterras.com spoke to last seasons top scorer Brandon Goodship ahead of the Terras new league campaign.

theterras.com: What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?

Brandon Goodship: As a team it has to be win the league. We finished 5th last year with a points total which would normally be enough! On a personal it would be to carry on from last year and score as many as possible along with good performances to see where it takes me!

theterras.com: We would love to see more of the same this season. Do you feel the team can learn from the experiences last season, when we were so close to promotion?

BG: Yes for sure, if we were to take anything from last season it would be that we learnt from it. We didn’t accomplish anything but came so close. So maybe this time around we will have enough.

theterras.com: We all hope this season we get all the way, how do you think the new signings have impacted the squad?

BG: Only positively to be honest. We have some fantastic signings and now we have very good strength and depth. Everyone has settled in quickly and become a part of our tight knit squad.

theterras.com: Looking forward to seeing you all together throughout the course of the season, on a personal note who’s the best player you’ve ever played with/against?

BG: I played in a training game against Jack Wilshere when I was at Bournemouth and he was just something else. Made everything look easy and a truly gifted player! I’m sure he will have a very good season at West Ham this year.

theterras.com: And finally we know you are a forward but do you fancy yourself in any other positions on the pitch?

BG: Probably not no, I could play on either wing but might be a bit lazy of my defensive duty’s haha!

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