WEYMOUTH goalkeeper Jordan Seabright says the principles will not change ahead of the Terras’ FA Cup first qualifying round replay at Banbury United tonight (7.45pm).

The replay comes as a result of the frantic 1-1 draw between the two sides at the Bob Lucas Stadium on Saturday, where Weymouth initially led through Abdulai Baggie, before Giorgio Rasulo equalised with a penalty.

A home tie with Bath City awaits the victors.

Seabright said: “They are a good team so we will go there, the principles will not change, and we will go there to win.

Referring to how they were 1-0 up at half-time Seabright said: “It is disappointing from that aspect at the end of the day we have got to take the positives, we will go there on Tuesday and try and win.”

Seabright faced an impressive attack on Saturday, with Ravi Shamsi and Greg Kaziboni proving superb on the counter for the Puritans.

Seabright said: “I think the first half I got away with one but after that there were a few saves to make so it was good.”

After Weymouth took the lead through Baggie in the 35th minute the Puritans hit back hard and Seabright was called into two great saves in quick succession to keep the Terras ahead.

Seabright said: “I was pleased to make them just purely to try and preserve the score at half-time.”

Reflecting upon the 1-1 draw Seabright admitted Weymouth were frustrated at the draw, with Brandon Goodship having a penalty saved in the 74th minute.

Seabright said: “I think we were unlucky to be fair.

“I think it could have gone either way but their keeper made a few good saves as well. It is a game that we could have won and we are frustrated.”

Seabright admitted he got away with one chance, when he rushed out to kick the ball away from Shamsi but missed, before Shamsi missed the open goal from 30 yards out wide.

Seabright said: “These things happen as a keeper, I got away with it and I was lucky to get away with it.

“You have just got to brush it off and I think I did that to make the two saves afterwards.

“It is just one of those things.”

Weymouth manager Mark Molesley speaking after the draw, reflected: “Football is full of ups and downs, peaks and troughs but look, we are still in the hat. We went and beat them at their place last year and we will be looking to do the same again.”

When asked what his main take aways from the match will be, Molesley said: “I think we had the better chances.

“I don’t think Jordan was troubled too much although they are a dangerous outfit.

“Full respect to them they are a good side but so are we.

“If we play the way we can play and show the right attitude and work ethic we will be more than a match for them (today).”

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