Terras Manager Mark Molesley caught up with theterras.com to assess the start of the season.

theterras.com: We are now just over halfway through September, can you assess the start your team has made to the season?

Mark Molesley: It’s been a good start, we’ve got points on the board and we are top of the league. Sitting at Farnborough at half time, we were looking and feeling extremely positive but we have endured a minor sticky spell and we need to pick ourselves up, and we will. It’s a quick learning curve and a bit of a reality check, we are getting there, football has a nasty habit of catching you out but this is a minor blip. We’ve only lost one game in the league and one in the FA Cup, which of course we were disappointed to go out of. Fine margins decided that game and on another day, we’d be through to the next round. We’ve got 9 days of preparation for the game at Staines and we will be using the break very much to our advantage.

theterras.com: Given the nature of the game, could we potentially look back at the Hartley Wintney game as a point gained, rather than two dropped?

MM: Before the game, we would have been disappointed with a draw but we ended the game on a high. We showed resilience and character and this young team has proven that they have them qualities before. We’ve seen some fantastic football so far this season and we’ve had some terrific results but as always, there is plenty to work on, and lots to think about.

theterras.com: Staines Town is our next game, they have just parted company with their manager. How much do you know about them?

MM: Every team has shown different qualities and have different attributes. The Manager and some of his back room team have left, so they could well be a dangerous animal but ultimately they have a lot to prove. We will be concentrating on ourselves, we have two weeks to prepare the best we can and get important players back to full fitness.

theterras.com: Warren Bentley bagged his first goal for the club on Saturday. Is he starting to show his importance to your squad?

MM: He’s shown his value straight away. Unfortunately it’s been a bit stop-start for him, he’s had to start behind a lot of the rest of the group and he’s been itching to start. He brings us so much as a group and we definitely haven’t seen the best of him yet but we’ve been given a taste of what’s to come with him. He’s proven, he knows where the goal is and he’s a very important player to our squad. His goal on Saturday could prove to be very important.

theterras.com: Is it important to remember just how long a season is?

MM: Definitely. It’s a marathon and not a sprint. We’ve lost one game of football in the league and we sit top of the league, it’s not all bad. There is nobody more eager to put things right than me, my staff and players after this minor blip. We are top of the league, this will be a tough campaign and we haven’t got fully into our stride yet. We also have the added pressure on us due people giving us tags and shouting about us, but this is pressure we have to deal with.

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