October’s player of the month, Josh Wakefield catches up with theterras.com.

Josh Barton: Well done on winning the October Player of the Month award. How do you rate your own performances over the month?

Josh Wakefield: Thank you. I think my performances have been good, but I still think there are areas to improve on, and the gaffer has still been telling me that! Overall, it’s definitely been my best month in a Weymouth shirt so far and I’m happy to be voted player of the month.

JB: It must be nice that the fans have voted for you and that they recognise how well you’ve played…

JW: Yeah it’s always great to get some positive recognition from the fans! I know that last season didn’t go great for me on a personal level, so I’m glad to be contributing more to the team and giving more back to the fans who come to watch the games home and away. So thank you to them for their support so far this season!

JB: Who has the best/worst changing room banter in the squad?

JW: The best banter… I would actually have to say Thommo! He’s a little bit ruthless but some of the things he comes out with are incredible! Worst banter would be the skipper, Jake McCarthy. Sometimes we think his haircuts are banter but he actually asks for them! Shocking.

JB: Which team do you support and why?

JW: I support Fulham FC (unfortunately). Fulham was the first game I ever went to go and see with my dad so I’ve followed them ever since. I’ve got a bet on with Brandon to see who finishes higher, Newcastle or Fulham (he supports Newcastle) and it’s not looking good for either of us!

JB: Loving these answers! Talking of haircuts. Who has the best/worst barnets in the squad and why?

JW: So haircut wise, we’ve got some pretty bad ones in the team really. It’s a struggle to find a good one! Bakes’ looks like a bit of wind might blow it all off, Buckers has the standard ‘Year 7’ buzz cut! I would have to stick with McCarthy’s at the moment, it’s just terrible! The best hair cut, I would usually say mine actually! When it’s all grown back and looking good, I would back myself to have the best haircut!

JB: And finally. Would success with the club be right up there with your achievements in football?

JW: Yeah I would say that success with the club would be the best thing I have achieved in football definitely. That’s why I think all of the lads are desperate to do well this season and it’s not very often in football you can get an opportunity to do something great! After all, my career hasn’t been exactly full of highlights haha! So fingers crossed for this season.

Thank you to Josh Wakefield for this feature. Look out for the next player interview, coming soon!

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