WEYMOUTH Director of Football Paul Maitland admitted the confusion surrounding where the Terras would be playing led to them having no fixture last night.

The Terras had been expecting to play Needham Market last night in the FA Trophy first round, but the Marketmen withdrew from the competition after the postponement on Saturday.

The Terras had originally been expecting to travel to Merthyr Town last night for a league fixture, assuming there was no replay on Saturday against Needham, but Maitland explained that Merthyr would have expected no game.

Maitland said: “Merthyr would have expected us to have been playing (against Needham Market) so they understandably stood down players, staff, grounds people, turnstile operators and volunteers based on the fact they would not have expected to play the game.

“I am led to believe they were not able to reinstate those people in time because the turnaround was too short and they accept that, and that is part of it.

“We were prepared to travel. We had plans in place to be able to travel to Needham, if need be if there had a replay after Saturday, we had plans in place to travel to Merthyr for the league game and we also had plans in place to train.

“It is all about planning and being professional in the way you set up for these things and there is no blame attached to Merthyr from our point of view.

“Merthyr are a well-run club and we enjoy a good relationship with them and I certainly would not hold them accountable.

“It is just a very unfortunate set of circumstances.”

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