This is the second in a new feature where we get to know the players, staff, volunteers and long-time fans of Weymouth Football Club via a series of quickfire questions.

This week we get to know a bit more about our goal machine, Brandon Goodship. Favourite film/TV programme growing up?

Brandon Goodship: Favourite film would be the Star Wars or Harry Potter films as I couldn’t choose one! For TV, I’d say Drake and Josh! We know you eat and drink healthy stuff but what is your favourite takeaway?

BG: Oooo… I will probably have to go for a nice Chinese! Favourite part of Christmas?

BG: I’ve got a lot of nieces and nephews so getting all my family together for Christmas is amazing. Nothing beats that for me, especially seeing the young ones so happy! What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

BG: When I was about 10, my parents brought me and my brother this blue pool table and I don’t think I’ve had excitement quite like that haha! Who is the best footballer you’ve ever played with?

BG: I’d say Brett Pitman and Ryan Fraser. Brett is the best finisher I’ve seen to this day and has had a great career. With Fraser, he is technically very very good with pace and is reaping the rewards for his hard work as he is playing week in week out in the Premier League! You’ve already featured in our advent calendar but what has been your most enjoyable goal for the Terras so far?

BG: Ah that’s a tough question I’ve enjoyed a lot of them! One that stands out for me would be Tiverton away this year. Jake put me through with a great ball, and I’ve managed to finish through the keepers legs in front of our fans in the 90th minute for a massive win! Favourite holiday destination?

BG: I’ve only been once there once but I’d have to say Vegas… I went for my 21st birthday with my brother and a few of my mates and it was just unbelievable, such an amazing place! And the last one is carrying on from where Webby left off. What is your favourite chocolate from the celebrations box?

BG: Malteaser without doubt. Not a bounty fan then?

BG: I genuinely don’t trust people that are fans of bounty!

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