After signing a permanent deal with the club, we talk to Yemi Odubade in this edition. 

John Pritchard: When did you realise you wanted to sign for the terras on a permanent deal?

Yemi Odubade: I think it was when my loan was coming to an end and I realised that I wasn’t going back. From the first training session I didn’t feel like I was on loan to be honest. I felt at home straight away. I knew a couple of the lads already so it was easy to settle in.

JP: That’s great to hear from the fans perspective! Since you have joined, the fans have loved every minute of you being out there wearing the claret and blue! Is it a good feeling coming into a new club and the fans loving you straight away? 

Yemi: I think they were shouting my name after my first game which was nice to hear. They were also shouting it after the Taunton game so let’s hope it’s a regular thing!

JP: I think it will definitely continue! Who is the best footballer you have ever played with or against?

Yemi: I have played with a lot of good players in my time. I would have to say Andy Drury is the best player I’ve played with and the best player I’ve played against would have to be Lassana Diarra.

JP: What’s some of your biggest footballing achievements?

Yemi: Actually becoming a footballer was my biggest achievement. Apart from that, getting promoted with Stevenage twice in 2 years (National League and League 2). I would also say playing Newcastle also with Stevenage in the FA Cup 3rd round. Promotion with Eastleigh and playing at Wembley in the Trophy Final!

JP: Some great achievements Yemi! I asked Callum Buckley the same question, we have seen you wear Adidas and Nike football boots, and also from older generations, do you like some of the older styles, are they comfier, fit better, like the look etc?

Yemi: I think nowadays they try to make the boot as light as possible with the comfort factor coming into place! Before it was one or the other! I still have a few nostalgic boots in my locker, the Puma V108s and the Vapour iii. Right now though, I’m wearing Adidas.

JP: I think I’m correct in saying you have been on the soccer bible wearing the v1.08s! And the vapor iii’s are a favourite as I remember Thierry Henry wearing them! You said you knew some of the lads when you joined, has there been any stand out player who has helped you since joining and is there anyone you get on exceptionally well with?

Yemi: Yeah I was on soccer bible with them Pumas! And yep, Thierry and R9 I remember distinctly in the white and yellow vapor iii’s. Yeah I knew Jake at my time with Maidstone. I also know Goody (Brandon Goodship) from Broadstone Golf Club! I wouldn’t say there has been any stand out player. All the boys were very welcoming to be fair. I don’t bite!

JP: Do you have a special routine from when you wake up to being out on the pitch?

Yemi: I say the Lord’s Prayer when I’m out on the pitch before kick of every game and that’s about it really.

JP: Just one more now. How do you want to be remembered?

Yemi: As a true gentleman.

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