John Pritchard from caught up with Calvin Brooks earlier this week in the latest Who Are Ya?

John Pritchard: When you made your return to the BLS, was it a no-brainer to put the claret and blue back on?

Calvin Brooks: It was all sorted fairly quickly, I was in touch with Paul (Maitland) and the gaffer a lot because I was missing football so much. The situation developed and I was delighted to come back. I have signed until the summer of 2020 and I’m enjoying every minute back in the Terras shirt.

JP: Great news! Hopefully that will be extended and I’m sure the fans will also hope for that! We have seen you kiss the badge and go wild with the fans, I also have a photo with you from your first spell with the club, how much do the fans and the club mean to you as we have seen great passion and time for the fans?

CB: It means everything when you play at this level, when you come out of the tunnel and the Terras fans are out in force it gives you that buzz, I’ve obviously been around for a while now and have got to know a lot of the fans personally, I’ve seen how much it means to them. I mean to look how many of them made the 12 hour round trip to Ramsbottom on Saturday, it’s unbelievable commitment from them and much appreciated.

JP: Definitely! From being a young fan any interaction with a player was a great feeling especially being a fan from Weymouth! Throughout your time with the terras we have seen you play many positions; what’s your favourite to play in and feel most beneficial to the team?

CB: I’ve played just about every position I think! Including in goal. I think my favourite position is right wing back, we haven’t played that formation as much this year. I’m happy to play where ever the manager needs me and just try to give me best every game.

JP: It definitely shows you give your best every game! With the recent journey away, we saw on your socials, you and the lads were playing FIFA together, who is your go to team on FIFA? Or even go to player on ultimate team?

CB: If I’m honest I don’t play a huge amount, but me and my mate are lethal on co-op seasons with Barcelona. I was teaming up with Brandon on Saturday we were Juventus and he let me down big time! Couldn’t finish his dinner.

JP: Haha! PSG is the one on Fifa mate! Also we saw some initiation songs on the recent travel away, did you ever do one and if so can you remember what you did and how did it go?

CB: Yes there were a few. Yemi stepper up and delivered some MJ. Sam Sherring did Fresh Prince of Bel Air and he nailed it to be fair to him! He was so nervous! I did one in Portugal last year. I sang Stand by me, pretty standard song for someone that can’t sing in tune. The worst one i’ve ever heard was Harry Baker singing some Liverpool song from the 60’s. Embarrassing.

JP: Haha! Yeah great when everyone joins in! When you and the lads go to away games, whats the worst anyone has done to you, prank etc?

CB: I don’t really get pranked, the worst I’ve seen is Wellsy’s Mrs buying him those grey Adidas trainers he’s got on every Saturday. They are awful.

JP: Haha! Moving on from the lads and football. What is your favourite food based on cuisine? And then your favourite meal?

CB: Chinese by a mile. Favourite meal is a chicken chow main with Chinese curry. Dessert wise, I’m a cheesecake addict.

JP: Great choice! Gotta be a toffee cheese cake! What is the best purchase you have ever made, either you use everyday or is the most useful etc?

CB: I would say my iPad, I’ve had it for about 6/7 years the battery lasts for about 3 weeks. I often watch American football on it at my Mrs house as it’s better than watching Romanian TV.

JP: Haha! Apple must of done a collaboration with the designers of the Nokia brick! Is American football something you follow in your spare time? Do you follow a team or a player? Etc

CB: Yes it’s a big passion of mine. I watch it every week religiously on Sundays. I support the Seattle Seahawks and watched them at Wembley a few months ago. Brad Asagba is the only other person at the club that watches it. Thommo still can’t get his head around the fact that they throw the ball forwards.

JP: Hahah! That’s so funny! What would you say you spend a lot of money on which in reality is unneeded but you like? 

CB: Well as I’m sure you’ve heard I am stingy. It’s probably my watch collection, I’ve got a few beauties in there.

JP: Haha! It’s gotta be done mate! Last one mate, this question is very open and you can take it how you want and respond with whatever first comes to mind, how do you want to be remembered?

CB: It’s a hard question but I suppose I would like to be remembered as someone who enjoyed every minute and gave everything.

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