Who Are Ya? Cameron Murray

by: theterras


John Pritchard from caught up with new signing Cameron Murray in the latest Who Are Ya?

John Pritchard: When you realised Weymouth were interested, did you have to think about it, or did it just feel right?

Cameron Murray: It was a tough decision because I was enjoying my football at Dorchester and I was playing week-in-week-out in my favourite position (centre-midfield). But at the same time as a footballer you want to keep progressing and challenging yourself and I felt that Weymouth offered that with their push for promotion. So yeah in the end it certainly felt like the right move.

JP: I’m sure you will continue to enjoy your football here, especially after a great impact on your debut! How have the lads welcomed you in? Did you know any of the players or staff before the move?

CM: Yeah I’m sure I will and thanks enjoyed it! The lads have been great right from the off which always helps you settle in. I knew Stephane Zubar as I played with him a few years ago at York City, and I knew Tiago because he came to Dorchester on loan earlier on in the season. So it’s always nice to know a few of the lads before coming into a new dressing room. But the rest of the lads and staff have been spot on too, obviously playing against them 3 times already this season you start to become familiar with everyone.

JP: That’s great to hear that you are fitting in well from the get go and the lads are being great with you! From a young age, did you always want to play football? And did you have anyone who supported you along the way and pushed you to keep working?

CM: Yeah from the first time I kicked a football I was immediately hooked, and I’ve never really had any time away from the game since. There have been lots of people along the way that have supported me, especially my mum and dad. But I think the drive comes from within if I’m honest, and that comes easily when you enjoy been out on the pitch, it’s the place where you can be free of all other concerns you may have in your life.

JP: You have spoke already about preferring to play in the middle but have you always played there or have you played in a number of positions and if so what others have you played?

CM: Yeah I started off in centre midfield and played their right throughout my youth career and then as I got older I got played out wide more frequently. I’ve also played as a number 10 a fair bit also which I also like.

JP: Good to see that you can be a versatile player! Can you tell us about some of your key attributes of your game?

CM: Well I’ll always look to be busy on the pitch and try to get on the ball as much as I can and try to create chances, I’ve always enjoyed creating goals for teammates.

JP: Who is your favourite team to watch play football and in your opinion play football the best?

CM: Has to be Barcelona, especially under Pep. I think that squad and the way he had them playing will take some beating. Messi is just unreal. But I’m a Celtic fan so I also enjoy watching them.

JP: Was a great team! With players like Xavi and Iniesta running the games! Celtic’s win over Barcelona won’t be forgot!

CM: Yeah those 2 were different level. That Tony Watt goal will never be forgot!

JP: Last one now, how do you want to be remembered in life, either in football or in life?

CM: Just as a honest and nice person who every now and again could get the crowd on their feet!

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