John Pritchard of catches up with Tom Prodomo as we get to know our Assistant Manager in this latest edition.


John Pritchard: Can you tell us about one of your favourite moments as the Terras Assistant Manager?

TP: There has been so many memorable moments since I joined the club. The derby matches always bring about such a great atmosphere so the first half at home to Dorchester this season, or Goody’s late winner on Boxing Day would have to be right up there. Slough at home last season too where we really showed our quality but I’d have to say last season, a Tuesday night win at Royston is my favourite, we were so patched up that night and we had memebers of the staff at home unwell, we had an awful journey and conceded the first goal. Saying all that, we showed what a resilient group we are and battled for the win. That was a great win at a key time of the season and set us up to push on!

JP: Both great victories for the Terras against our ridgeway rivals! The lads definitely know how to dig deep when needed! You have an Italian connection, how so?

TP: On my dad’s side my Grandad is Italian and my Nan is Spanish so could always claim a few points of interest when it comes to the World Cup!

JP: Definitely! The 2018 WC won’t be an event for either to remember! Do you follow Italian league or Spanish league football?

TP: Definitely not, fortunately England stepped up this time around! I follow both, well I follow all football to be honest but I definitely have a love of Italian football. My family ties came in useful when we had Thiago Caze with us last year as he spoke Italian so I became assistant manager/translator. Probably the only time I could claim the slightest comparison to Jose Mourinho. The boys definitely thought I was having them on when I first spoke with him!

JP: Players before my age but highlights including Maldini, Cannavaro, Baggio etc definitely shows the skill of Italian home grown players! Haha! I had heard of that! Following from when I asked Moles, do you have any superstitions pre game?

TP: I don’t, I’m not one for superstitions to be honest. I like to be at the ground early but outside of that I don’t get to preoccupied with any habits or routines.

JP: Keep it simple! Just like the Italians and Spanish do with football! After a game, what do you like to get up to? And does it differ depending on the result?

TP: To be honest my Saturday nights are normally spent in conversation with Webby (I’m sure he doesn’t sleep) and the rest of the staff. I can’t normally resist having a look back at the game straight away and also starting the prep for the following game. If we’ve had an away trip a lot of that can happen again on the journey back, but there’s never a spare minute!

JP: I don’t think Webby is human! Definitely never a minute spare, having a successful team on the pitch is as you know also comes from a lot of hard work by you and all staff involved! Continuing on from staff, can you tell us who the best dressed member of the coaching staff is?

TP: Wow what a question! Who is the worst dressed member of staff would be a much fiercer competition! I will have to say best dressed goes to Brad Asagba without hesitation! His wardrobe has some absolute gems. I could talk to you for along time about the gaffers garments but I value my job too much to do that!

JP: Moles doesn’t like a risk, always simple with the footwear! In the club, other than myself, who is someone you can rely on for a laugh?

TP: Haha! Paul Maitland and Josh Barton are my go to funny men! Some great material, both of them. My dream is to hear Paul interview Josh post game and I’ve always thought Josh should open the end of season do with a stand up act!

JP: How do you want to be remembered, either in football or life?

TP: I think you’re remembered based on what you do everyday, so I’ll keep trying to work hard and be myself and leave people to form their own opinions. Hopefully by the time our time at the club is done, there will be plenty to be remembered by!

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