Off the back of his three goals in two games, Harry Baker spoke to in the latest Who Are Ya?.

John Pritchard: You are definitely a fan favourite, is it nice to know the fans believe in you?

Harry Baker: I think if you work hard and give your all for the team, they will always be behind you! Even when I went out loan I had some nice messages!

JP: It definitely shows you give your all! Throughout your time so far with the Terras, we have seen you score a lot of late goals to gain points, what’s the feeling like knowing you have just helped the team get the 3 points or rescue a draw?

HB: I think that can be said for all our strikers, we do tend to score late on which is a big plus point! But yes it’s a great feeling, it makes your weekend!

JP: Yes they certainly do! And yes I can imagine it does! After grabbing these important goals, you love a celebration, we have recently seen against Salisbury but also the 1-0 win at home to Wimborne, we also saw a lot of the Mbappe celebration last season, is it something that just happens from the passion?

HB: You will be shocked to know my celebrations have got better, they used to even more rash! To be fair, I’ve loved celebrating goals from a young age and don’t think it will ever change!

JP: I expect every goal still feels as good as your first! With the long recent trip away, you and the team travelled up the night before and stayed overnight, who is first on your list too room with and is your ‘duo’?

HB: I was in with Calvin, before I went to bed he tried to fleece me of my money on this card game he made up! Then kept on whispering “Bakes you still up?”, definitely scared bless him! But it was a great experience!

JP: That is hilarious! Definitely one of the best stories in the Who are Ya series! I know you like shoes and boots, a wide selection of both, but who do you think has the worse shoe and boot sense and then also someone who has the best shoe and boot sense, either in the current Terras team or former Terras players?

HB: I’d have to to chose 2 players here! Boots, it has to be Zubar, his new pumas, they would look better with a suit rather then a football kit! And match day shoes, has to be Wellsy, he’s had a stinker in even buying his shoes in the first place, but not to even clean them anymore is not acceptable! And best I’d have to say Thommo!

JP: Zubar does what he wants! Calv said Wellsy’s shoe game is poor! But to not clean is the nail in the coffin! And I wouldn’t expect anything less than top notch from Tommo. What sort of music do you listen to on game days and does it differ to any other day?

HB: Yeah I would say so, it depends on what your into, if it was my way we would have you’ll never walk alone belting out the speaker before we go out on the pitch!

JP: Talking about Liverpool, I’ve heard you may have a rivalry with another club official between Manchester United and Liverpool? Can you tell us what that is?

HB: Josh Barton, on the first day of the season we had a bit of banter about who would finish higher this season, well we are 15 points ahead with a game in hand!

JP: I think you might have won that one then! Last one mate, how do you want to be remembered, either in football or life?

HB: Someone who was passionate about football!

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