Tom McHale spoke to in our latest Who Are Ya?.

John Pritchard: How was your experience in Scotland? Was the football different and things inside clubs ran differently for example, prep, training, recovery etc?

Tom McHale: As an overall experience it wasn’t too different to what I’m used to. The prep for games etc on a personal level was the same as normal, the training was a bit different as we had to train north and south one session a week and as a group another day!

JP: Oh good! So nothing too much for you to have to try and learn new ways. Paul Maitland shows a lot of trust in you, I can imagine it’s a great feeling knowing people believe in you and your ability?

TM: I’ve got a lot to thank Paul for, and I really hope to be able to repay the trust he’s put in me. Of course it’s a great feeling. However I’ve still got a lot to learn in the game and I’ll put in as much work as I need to and more to make sure I continue improving.

JP: That’s definitely great to hear mate! Everyone believes in you in the club and thank you and I’m sure you know that! What’s some of the funniest things you have heard from fans?

TM: Haha! That’s a great question. Of course I get the ginger shout every game, I’ve had a few people shout some spells from Harry Potter movies due to the Weasley resemblance, and I’ve obviously had things said not made for articles haha. If I’m honest it puts a smile on my face after the games.

JP: That’s hilarious! I bet it’s even worse as a keeper as when the ball is the other end I can guess you can hear the opposition fans a lot easier. Can you tell us about your affinity with the fans? You have always been a fan favourite here at the Terras! And when announced joining the Terras again a lot of fans reacted with great pleasure!

TM: Yeah you can hear everyone, just gotta let it go over your head. The fans have always been brilliant with me and it’s true when people say football is nothing without the fans. They bring a great atmosphere home and away and that’s what we’re going to need heading into the back end of the season.

JP: Yes definitely! We have a great lot of fans, they know when the lads need it the most and I’m sure they will put as much effort in help you guys keep going! Whats some of your proudest moments in football?

TM: Some of the proudest moments would have to be winning the play offs with Truro getting promoted to the conference south! That was an incredible year. Last season as a whole having such a successful side, playing Charlton in the FA cup 1st round and getting an England C call up! Finally would be the Scottish Cup 4th round against Hibernian at Easter road.

JP: Oh wow! That is some great achievement, and still very young! I’m sure you’re going to add a lot more! Who’s the best player you have played with or against?

TM: Haha thank you. The best player I’d have to say was probably Mkhitaryan or Ramsey! It was only a pre-season friendly but still an incredible experience!

JP: Yes definitely! Final one mate, how do you want to be remembered? Either in football or life?

TM: That’s a tough one! I think I’d like to be remembered as someone who was easygoing, easy to get on with and a good laugh. Couldn’t ask for much more really!

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