Calvin Brooks talks to as we look to get back to winning ways on Saturday. He also has a message of encouragement for the Terras fans.

Josh Barton: Obviously the last three results have been disappointing. As players, what do you put it down to?

Calvin Brooks: It’s probably down to pressure, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the best we can be. When you don’t get the results you need it builds and builds. We just need to get back to winning ways and we will be fine.

JB: Despite this, the team are still in a promising league position. What would be your message for the Terras fans at this point?

CB: My message would be, we understand people’s frustration. The players and the staff work harder than any group has worked since I’ve been at the football club. We haven’t been good enough too many times this season but it is not through lack of effort. We have a young squad which in many ways is a huge positive but obviously at times that lack of experience works against you. We do have a team that don’t give up and that is so important.

JB: Are you confident we can get back to winning ways and do you feel that we can gain promotion?

CB: I am confident because I know the quality of our players, and I know how hard we work week in and week out. We are in a bad patch at the moment but I know the boys will bounce back.

JB: Calvin, you’ve probably been asked a similar sort of question before but you’ve been at the club for a long time now. Is this the best set up we have had both on and off the pitch since you have been with us?

CB: Yes I have been asked that a few times, and I always say 100%. The staff have a desire to become better everyday and that rubs off onto the players. Everyone in the area knows this a very professionally run football club.

JB: Finally, have you been pleased with your personal form after winning player of the month for January?

CB: Yes I have been pleased, I was delighted to win player of the month for January. I just want to contribute as much as I can to help the team.

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