Callum Buckley spoke to’s Billy Neale about some of his football firsts.

Billy Neale: Hi Callum, first of all hope you are well. When and what was your first footballing memory?

Callum Buckley: I was obsessed with football so I was playing it non-stop as a kid, but a memory that sticks out would be winning the league when I was under 7s with my local Sunday league team unreal day!

BN: Who was the first club you played for?

CB: First club was Sherborne St. John, a team back in Basingstoke, spent 10 years there absolutely loved it.

BN: What was the first position you played when starting football?

CB: I always used to be a centre midfielder, I know you won’t believe me but I used to score goals for fun back then, I guess I used them all up, cause I don’t have a clue what it feels like to score anymore.

BN: What was the first pair of boots you owned?

CB: First football boots where black Umbros, not the best looking things in the world.

BN: What was the first football kit you had?

CB: The first kit I had was a yellow Leeds united strip back when they were sponsored by Strongbow still one of my favourite kits now.

BN: Who was your first football hero?

CB: My first hero was Lucas Radebe when he played for Leeds, he was unbelievable, gave his everything every game.

BN: You haven’t scored for Weymouth yet. When did you score your first goal in football?

CB: Thanks for reminding me! As I mentioned as a kid I used to score a fair few, I don’t remember my first ever goal but I do remember being deadly on a free kick.

BN: Thank you very much Callum and a great insight into your football firsts.

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