Terras’ keeper Tom McHale spoke to John Pritchard from theterras.com about his football firsts.

John Pritchard: Can you remember your first football shirt?

Tom McHale: My first shirt was definitely a Celtic shirt, I couldn’t tell you what year that was but always remember getting it and wearing it at every opportunity!

JP: Outfield or goalkeeper?

TM: Outfield as I had no clue I’d end up being a Goalkeeper!

JP: Can you tell us the first pair of football boots you owned?

TM: The first boots I owned were a pair of blue and white Total 90s. What I’d do to have them boots again now!

JP: What a pair of boots! Iconic till this day! Going on from that, can you remember your first position?

TM: Couldn’t agree more! I actually started off as a striker! Only played a few games and bagged myself a few goals. I had a little stint up there when I was playing under 18s too!

JP: Peter crouch wannabe? Can you remember the first time you played in front of a crowd?

TM: Could say that, some good comparisons! I think the first time in front of a crowd would’ve been my under 16 cup final for my local team, we went on to win the game in extra time so that was a great feeling.

JP: Brilliant mate! In goal or upfront for that game?

TM: In goal that day!

JP: Can you tell us about the first time you heard about being called up to England C?

TM: Yeah this will be something that sticks with me forever. I was doing a training session with Tony Elliott and pro direct for crazy catch and I received a phone call from Pete Masters the Chairman of Truro City saying I had been called up. Can honestly say it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had, extremely grateful for that opportunity! Not much can top that.

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