Chickerell Primary Academy have kindly provided us with the homework their Year Two pupils completed following Josh Wakefield and Brandon Goodship’s visit on World Book Day.

Josh and Brandon visited the school and refereed two football matches between the children before answering a question and answers. The school children also told Josh and Brandon about their recent science experiments and the Fairtrade focus they had been working on.

The pupils were then asked to write a newspaper report about the visit, coming up with their own headline.

Click here to view the homework

Josh Wakefield told, “The homework they have done is amazing! I can certainly say that I had a great day as well and I’m glad the children enjoyed themselves by the looks of things! Thank you for having us in!”

Weymouth FC Director Josh Barton added, “This is truly fantastic! It further increases our partnership with Chickerell Primary Academy, something we as a club are very proud of. I’m sure the teachers were very pleased with the homework!

It is of paramount importance to us that we develop these partnerships within the community. Our players are a brilliant bunch and these young people will consider Brandon Goodship and Josh Wakefield as role models, the fact that they participated in their lessons clearly means the world to them looking at the homework.”

If any school or club would like a visit from WFC, please email

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