Calvin Brooks speaks to John Pritchard from in the latest Terras Firsts

John Pritchard: Can you remember your first goal for the Terras?

Calvin Brooks: If I’m honest I can’t remember the first goal I scored for Weymouth, we’re going back 5 years, not that I was banging them in back then. But I can give you my most memorable goal for the club, it was a huge game last season at home to Slough on the race for promotion, I scored with my left foot which doesn’t happen often. We won 1-0 it was similar to last nights atmosphere.

JP: That’s brilliant mate, can you remember your first Terras shirt you played in?

CB: Yes I believe this (picture below) was the first Terras shirt I played in, not a huge fan of the style and the fit! Very baggy. I remember that picture because sky sports used it in an article talking about the top 10 non league prospects unfortunately they were talking about the other lad and not me.

JP: Not sure on the facials! Rate the boots though! We have seen you play numerous positions but what was your first position you remember playing?

CB: Of course, I started out as a striker just like everyone else! I played forward until around the age of 14, I had pace and my team just smashed the ball long and I would get on the end of it. I dropped into midfield as I got older and then was converted into centre back at 16 by Andy Harris, a Weymouth legend and the former head of football academy at Kingston Maurward college.

JP: Yeah Andy definitely is! Was a coach for a team in my age group! And of course scored a very memorable goal for the muff. At least you don’t play for the lot down the road to Kingston Maurward! Can you tell us about your first pair of football boots?

CB: I do remember my first pair of football boots, they were a pair of Reeboks, they were so thick and heavy not like the boots you get today. They were so tough they survived anything.

JP: Can you remember your first football shirt you owned?

CB: My dad came home with a Peter Schmeichel goalkeeper shirt, the one he wore in the 99 champions league final, I don’t know how we got his hands on that but I nearly threw up when I seen it, I hate man United and I hated that kit, it was swiftly replaced with a Toon army Shearer #9 shirt thankfully.

JP: Just to finish mate, can you tell us about the feeling in the changing room after the game and when the goals went in and the celebrations?

CB: It was important to get off to a good start and it was an exceptional finish from Yemi, I felt we scored at vital times especially the third goal which killed the game off, the celebrations after the game were fantastic the fans behind the goal were in full voice and it means so much to the boys. We are in good spirits we’ve put ourselves in a great position. Five games to go and we will keep our focus on the next opponent.

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