John Pritchard: Can you remember your first memory of playing football?

Ashley Wells: When I was younger I always wanted to be a goalkeeper. Think that was mainly due to having an older brother that just wanted to leather balls at me. The first memory of playing for a team was my school team I use to play upfront as I was quick so people just smashed it and I ran after it.

JP: From speaking before, I understand that’s you’re kind of ideal football, none of that fancy rubbish. What was your first proud moment in football?

AW: My first proud moment in football would have to be winning the Area Cup at school with Budmouth.

JP: Can you remember your first day as a Weymouth player? Coming to the stadium, going into the changing rooms and out on the pitch etc

AW: I remember walking in and going to meet Brendon (King) and he showed me around. I’d been inside the changing rooms before when I was younger and use to be mascot. I remember walking out onto the pitch, it was very surreal!

JP: I can imagine it was, I’ve experienced being a Terras ball boy and even playing at the Bob Lucas Stadium just in front of the parents and that was surreal so can only imagine! If you could pick any previous or current player, who would be the first to be on your teamsheet?

AW: First name on the sheet would have to be Goodship, the guys a machine. Scores for fun! My moto is, get the ball, pass to Goody, if I can’t, pass to someone who can then pass to Goody. When he’s on the pitch you know even when he’s having a quiet game he will get a chance and it usually results in a goal.

JP: Yeah definitely, think that sums him up perfectly! Can you remember your first goal celebration for the Terras?

AW: Yeah I scored against Burnham and it was a rocket! It snuck inside the post but was shocked it went in so just ran to the corner and got jumped on by everyone!

JP: Can you tell us about the thoughts on the clubs position? What’s the belief like in the players and staff? What was the celebrations like in the changing rooms?

AW: Yeah the club’s current position is great and what a time to be part of this great club. You can see by our last two games how the town is starting to return. We have put ourselves in pole position but we won’t be taking it lightly as this league has shown in the past anything can happen. We all believe we can win this league and you look around and see such a talented group of players and staff. We all remain grounded and don’t get ahead of ourselves, it’s always onto the next game and prepare right like we have throughout the year. The celebrations are tame at the moment as we haven’t won anything yet but I can assure you if we win this league it will be crazy!

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