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Who Are Ya? Sam Sherring

by: theterras


AFC Bournemouth loanee, Sam Sherring spoke to John Pritchard from theterras.com about his time at the club so far.

John Pritchard: Are you enjoying your time at the Terras?

Sam Sherring: Yeah definitely, it’s my first experience of men’s football and I feel like I’m learning every week so I’m enjoying it a lot. Everyone at the club and all the fans have been great with me so far, so I’m really thankful for that too.

JP: How did it come about you coming to the Terras?

SS: Thank you very much! I’m not really too sure how it all came about really, I think that obviously it was a great opportunity for me to come to Weymouth and play games at senior level whilst also still being able to train with Bournemouth too. I’m just really glad that I did get the opportunity because I feel this experience has really helped my development.

JP: That’s great to hear, you’ve been a vital player for us which is a great achievement at such a young age. Have you always wanted to play football?

SS: Appreciate that! Yeah it’s always been my passion ever since I can remember so yeah I’ve definitely always wanted to play.

JP: Who’s the best player you have ever played with or played against?

SS: That’s a tough one! I think there’s been a lot of good players I’ve played with and against so couldn’t really single any out! I’m going to have to sit on the fence on that one!

JP: What about a player who has helped you the most? As a player and even as a person?

SS: Again there has been a lot of people that have been so helpful to me! All the lads at Weymouth have been so good, especially Zubes. Obviously he’s had a long career in the game and we play the same position, so I feel like I have learned so much from him, he’s always talking to me and helping me on and also off the pitch so I honestly can’t thank him enough for how he has treated me!

JP: Yeah he is such a great guy and it’s great to hear! What do you like to get up to outside of football?

SS: To be honest I sleep a lot, so I spend a lot of my free time sleeping! But yeah I just chill out, I do occasionally try and play golf but I’m not the best!

JP: I can guess football takes up a lot of your time! Last one mate, how do you want to be remembered as a person or a player?

SS: Yeah wouldn’t have it any other way! That is a very deep question, I’m not sure, I think I definitely want to be remembered as an all round good person and someone who puts others before myself.

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